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Rose Weasley
12 November
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// rose weasley
Name: Rose Weasley
Age / Year: 16 / 6
House: Gryffindor
Apperance: Around 5'4, 5'5. Red hair down past her shoulders. Blue eyes. Really, she looks a lot like her father. Toned from Quidditch.
// family history
Rose grew up happy and loved, mostly because she was completely oblivious to her family's history. Though both her mother and father worked, they always made time to give her and her younger brother, Hugo, plenty of love and attention. From an early age she was trying to play against her cousins, father, Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny in Quidditch and eventually became quite the Chaser, thanks to helpful tips from her Aunt.

Nothing bothers her more than knowing her family's history. People ask her about it, they tease her about it, and she knows she'll never live up to the bravery or intelligence of either of her parents. Much like Ron during his years at Hogwarts, Rose feels incredibly second-rate, like the least loved in the family (Victoire and Lily are so pretty; James is so funny; Albus is so smart; Hugo's so sweet) and she's been lonely and sad for a long time.
// currently
With her sixth year starting, Rose is just tired of it all. She's tired of living up to her mother's intelligence, or her father's humour. She's tired of trying to be the perfect Gryffindor. All she wants to do is play Quidditch and have the world leave her alone. Though she seems to not give a damn about anyone, Rose cares more about her little brother than anyone in the world. She'd do anything for her family: after all, she IS a Weasley. When things start to go to hell in the Wizarding World, Rose will be the first to fight for what's right, whether people are with her or not.
// about me
I am my father's daughter. I'm a bit on the hard edge, particularly when it comes to Slytherins. Has anyone else noticed they're entirely vile? Mum insisted I not get too house-ist, but dad was completely right about them. ... I'm getting off track. Anyway, I'm a very proud Gryffindor, but I apparently come off rather cold and mean to those who don't know me. Not intentional, I swear.

I was supposed to be in Ravenclaw. My aunt Ginny even knit me a little blue scarf before I got sorted. Scrabble is my life. But apparently the hat saw something no one else did, and here I am, a Gryffindor. I play Quidditch, did I mention that? Aunt Ginny taught me how to play Chaser, and now I'm on the team and beat Scorpious every chance I get.

What do I want to do with my life? ... Hell, you really know how to stump a girl, don't you? I suppose the Ministry like dad would be all right. I don't think I could be an Auror like him and Uncle Harry (YES, I KNOW. HE'S FAMOUS. I'M AWARE!), and I could never be a lawyer like mum (although I do have a knack for arguing)... I don't know. Hell. I like Quidditch. And animals. Ooh, and food.

Friends? Oh. Um. I don't really have any. I mean, I'm close with my cousins, I guess, but James has left school, and Albus is always busy with his blokes. Hugo and I don't chat too much (see enough of each other at home as it is). Lily and I sometimes chat, but it's not really... you know? Not the same.

I just hate how everyone looks at me and sees my parents. Or my aunt and uncle. I don't know how the others deal with it. I hate when I'm not smart enough in something, and a professor talks about how smart my mum was. Or how much I remind them of my dad. Because then that leads into the whole They-Saved-The-World or whatever thing and it's like, right, and I can live up to that...how?

You know?

So yeah. No real friends. Studying to be as smart as my mum. Sailor mouth like my dad. About as socially inept as the both of them, too. I pick fights like my dad, I hate Slytherins (did I mention that?) and I mostly just want to be left alone. Hope that works for you.
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